I’ve lived in Ottawa my whole life, growing up in Barrhaven and then moving around to different parts of the city, particularly the Westboro/Wellington West area and I’ve found myself settled in Greely. I’m a very social and outgoing person and have been involved with many organizations, sports leagues and festivals so I know a lot of people and I know Ottawa very well. This has given me an “IN” for information sources that helps me achieve my goals of this site. I’ve always enjoyed going out to events and taking in what Ottawa has to offer, but through my life, I’ve become frustrated with the lack of consistent, complete and accurate information available for events around this city. So that has led to what has become a very time consuming hobby: The creation of this website….

This site not only allows me to discover new events but also to send it out to my audience so everyone can get the most out of Ottawa without worrying about missing great events because they don’t listen to the promoting radio station, or they don’t read the paper, or they don’t have facebook…etc. Advertising is done for events in selected methods so it’s easy to miss out on many of them. I pay attention to everything and continuously update information in the Calendar of Events to ensure that it remains complete and accurate.

As my website and audience continues to grow, I’m seeking your help in feeding me information for your events. I’ve created a “Promote your event” option with different packages to choose from to advertise your event. Because I’m dedicated to having all events in my calendar, each and every one will be listed on my site at no charge in the events calendar. This is how I’m able to have the most comprehensive list of events in Ottawa. I’m happy to promote most events that are open to the public with some exceptions. The more information I can collect, the better. My goal is to be the best one-stop location for all event listings in Ottawa!

Next up is a special section called “Hidden Ottawa” where, as a long time resident, I have discovered great little hole-in-the-wall treats that are all over this great city and should be celebrated! These are restaurants, bars, parks, and a variety of different things to experience in the city. That is a growing list and will be regularly populated over time.

Ottawa might have been the city where “fun came to die” but while growing up here, I’ve never believed that and I’m going to do my best to keep it alive and prove it!!

The more followers I have, the better the information gets as I’ll be able to commit more time and effort into creating a great experience for everyone.

(The intent of the Youtube channel is to document and post event performances and video details of what’s going on in Ottawa. Please search “Covert Ottawa Guy” and subscribe to see the latest posts as they’re uploaded!)

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