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Covert Ottawa Guy Partner Program

Getting people to your event isn't the only thing you need to worry about. Use our event services to cross off your to-do list. Our network of trusted partners is here to help with your next event. Looking for security, promotion, tickting, equipment rentals or anything in between, we're here to help. From entire event coordination to one-off services, we're here for you.

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Area/Client Services Management

If you have a particular event space that requires management or oversite, I offer a service where we’ll ensure a smooth operation of any area. This can include client services, volunteer management, or any other project area.

Artist/VIP Hospitality Management

Establish superior client service for your performers and VIPs who are your event guests. We offer experienced and professional backstage and performer hospitality services including performer advancing, dressing room preparation, transportation and accommodation management, catering, experiential decor and signage all while maintaining discretion for performer needs.

ATM Rentals

Everyone needs cash at their event. Make sure that your patrons have the ability to get what they forgot and be able to buy whatever it is your selling at your event. A portable ATM can be rented and set up at your event to ensure that nobody goes without.

Bouncy Castle Rentals

Who doesn't want a good bouncy castle? Bouncers are a great way to keep kids entertained and active at an event. Our Bouncers are commercial grade, sanitized before every use and we are fully insured and licensed.

Digital Media Displays

Advertising has changed and digital displays are essential to get your message to your audience. I can rent you beautiful displays to set up at your event.

Equipment Rentals

If you have a need for audio/video equipment, I can arrange for professional grade equipment rentals to be delivered and set up at your event. There’s a huge inventory of just about anything you’ll need for any size of event. If it's just other equipment or furniture that you need, I've got them too! Items include: barricades, bleachers, catering equipment, tables and chairs, cutlery and dishware, concession rentals, carpets and dancefloors, generators, giant games, glassware, inflateables, audio/visual and lighting equipment, stages and tents plus more!

We can also provide snow-cone machines, portable pop-corn stands, and cotton candy machines.

Event Management Consulting

Do you need some help running your event? An event is a very detailed endeavor to take on and can be a disaster if the smallest of details is missed. I have professional event planners ready to help you out with your event. For tasks as quick as reviewing your event details to see if you’ve missed something, or for planning it all, we can take on that challenge.

Event Promotion

This is where we started! We specialize in promoting events, big and small. With numerous levels of promotion, we can find exactly what will work with your defined audience as well as fitting within your budget. Promotion can include such services as social media marketing, e-blasts, event creation through facebook, on-site reviews and giveaways. You can never have too much promotion for your event.

Fencing and Crowd Control

For all your fencing and crowd control requirements, we have just the solution. We can provide you with fencing for your event along with a variety of access control equipment to prevent unwanted vehicles in your secure areas, or to section off your stage or other high profile areas. Many solutions are available for any requirement, big or small.

Laundry Services

Specializing in festival linens, particularly tablecloths and towels, I’ll have your laundry picked up, and returned washed and folded in the same day. I use only scent free natural washing soap, so your patrons don’t have to worry about allergies.

Make-Up Artistry (Beauty)

Gala time? Wedding (yours or someone else’s)? Fashion show? Photoshoot? Office party? Date night? My team of experienced, professional certified makeup artists are ready to glam you up! With decades of combined experience in all types of makeup application, they will perfect your look and make you feel like a superstar for your event. No event is too big or too small!

Make-Up Artistry (Theatrical/Character)

Do you have a costume party to go to? Are you in a theatrical production? I have experienced, certified makeup artists ready to transform you into anything you may need to be! They have experience in getting people ready for the stage, using prosthetics, designing and creating abstract looks, and more!

Mobile Concession/Retail Store (coming summer 2020)

This service is designed to support either large scale festivals, or more remote settings. A portable retail/concession trailer can come to your event and sell the basics to your patrons. The available goods will be tailored to suit your event, and we can plan together what should be made available. This service will be set up in a trailer with a service window or walk in store. Refrigeration and frozen items are possible.


Ready for any type of event, my team of professional and experienced photographers are ready to take on any challenge, big or small. Each photographer is personally selected by me and all offer high quality photos or video of your event. They can handle static photo shoots such as award shows, or personal photos in front of a media wall, general event photography of patrons having a great time or anything in between.

Porta-Potty Rentals

Need some extra bathroom space? You can now rent porta potties through us and have them set up and maintained at your event. These clean and eye catching potties are just the right addition for your event creating a comfortable place for your guests to go about their business while keeping your event grounds clean.

Security Services

In this day and age, it’s always a good idea to have a security guard present for a variety of events, particularly if alcohol is being served. We can accommodate big or small events and provide professional and experienced security guards to enforce onsite rules and laws while ensuring that patrons can enjoy their time at your event while feeling safe and secure.

Social Media Management

If you’re looking for a solution to manage your social media to promote your event, we have very experienced social media managers ready to assist. This can be a short-term single event solution, or a longer term company marketing plan. Whatever you need, we’ll get it done.

Ticket Sales

Do you need a ticket provider? Are you tired of paying up-front fees with no guaranteed service? I offer a safe and secure ticket solution that will process all your ticketing needs. Whether your event is a single ticket/single price event or if you have a seating chart, I can supply you with tickets. Promo codes, early bird pricing and seat selection are all available with no up-front set-up costs. Event promotion is included in all ticket packages. Also if you have any customer service issues, I’m a local phone call away! No need to email a faceless customer service rep in California who doesn’t know your market.


T-Shirt or Uniform Printing

Most events, with volunteers in particular, need t-shirts printed for a uniform. I offer cost effective solutions to provide shirts for all your staff or volunteers. I have a range of colours, styles and printing options to suit any event.


Don't forget about Covert Ottawa Guy Event Management, Tickets Sales or Print, Promo and Apparel for your event!

Feeling overwhelmed about your event? Have too much to do and not enough time? Covert Ottawa Guy is here to help. We can help manage your entire event from start to finish or we can jump in and help with smaller parts of the whole. Contact us today to get more information on how we can help make your event a huge success! Or check out our options below if you're ready to do it yourself.


Covert Ottawa Guy has all of your event ticketing needs covered at a price that makes sense for you. Simple single ticket events to multi-day, multi-ticket events and even fully managed customized ticketing packages. We are local and we know local. Your event's tickets will be managed and promoted with an understanding of Ottawa and surrounding areas.


Our print and promo options let your event look organized and large. We can help with all your needs: simple shirts for the staff with your logo and STAFF, SECURITY or VOLUNTEER, customized giveaway items like water bottles, pens and handbooks, or create your own merchandise to sell at your event. With full suite of options, we're sure to have what you need to make sure your event looks great!