Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: Recess Edition

Good morning everyone! Thanks for stopping in for a quick read. When I started the weekly newsletter back up again in January, I did so with the caveat that I may have to take a pause here and there. Well, this week is the first one since then. Life took over, as it has a tendency to do, and I didn’t have the time to put my typical level of research into the blog. Not that I really do too much, but I like to find relevant, and fun things for you to read about, offer insightful motivation, and provide some ridiculous entertainment (ref: last week’s post about cube-shaped Wombat Poo).


So this week, I’m taking a little recess, but for the sake of continuity, I wanted to wish you well on your week. The weather looks like a mess of everything, and I have to say I’m looking forward to the significant snow melt that’s coming on Wednesday and Thursday. Bring on spring!!!


For a little positivity, here’s a quote I came across recently:


“True, sustainable happiness is a deep understanding that regardless of what the world brings you, that you are okay and you can have compassion for yourself and others and exist in that moment.” – Ben Rubin


In the events world, I’m still keeping the events calendar up to date with as many events as I can find, but it’s still slim pickings in pandemic times, so on a semi-bright note, that makes my life slightly easier, albeit more boring.


I’ll be back in full force next week with a few fun ideas that I’ve been mulling over.


Have a great week, stay healthy, and be kind to one another!

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