Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: Last Week of Summer Edition

Welcome to a new week, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, and didn’t get too wet on Sunday. It was an interesting week as all the students returned to school with a whole lot of question marks surrounding the in-class concept. Only 6 schools in Ottawa are reporting COVID-19 as of Sunday morning, but apparently the lineups of kids are CRAZY at the Brewer testing centre, so we’ll see how that unfolds over the next week or two, I guess.

Also on COVID, the numbers in Ottawa continue to rise (as they are globally), and this looks to be the start of the dreaded second wave that we’ve been hearing about for months. More and more pictures of Covid-iots are emerging in the news, and it’s not just our southern neighbours, they are here in Ottawa too. Dr. Etches is saying that the majority of new cases here are being caused by private parties, where people just don’t seem very interested in distancing when they’re not being forced to. We need to shut this down now so that we don’t perpetuate the spread of the virus.

But onto a happier note now! I just spent several hours populating the events calendar for the next week, and wow, what a great mix of events. I’m really impressed with event organizers and business owners, who are stepping up and thinking outside of the box.


Festivals, markets, and smaller activities had upped their event game already, running alternate event formats for many months now. Musicians are also doing their part. This week, you can find a variety of music, both live in Ottawa and virtually! Here in Ottawa, on Friday, the 18th, Big Wreck will be playing a Drive-In concert at Wesley Clover Park, followed by The Sheepdogs on Saturday. Also on Saturday, Brett Kissel will be playing a couple of shows at the Richmond Fairgrounds, utilizing the Drive-In setup as well. Tickets are still available for all of these shows!



As for virtual concerts, there are a lot of great acts performing this week for your viewing pleasure; it really doesn’t matter what genre of music you like, there truly is something for everyone! First, starting on the 15th, Melissa Etheridge is playing online daily for the next two weeks! She’s been doing this off and on all summer, so if you’ve missed her music and want to see it, she’s back. For you EDM fans, Diplo has a live performance on Wednesday the 16th at 11pm.


On September 15th, 17th, and 19th Big Sugar has live concerts streaming. On September 18th, you can choose from Sheryl Crow, David Cook or Lamb of God (try not to get them mixed up!) Finally, for virtual concerts, NOFX will be playing on the 19th.



Pop-Up Markets

With COVID-19 taking its toll on employment, people are discovering hidden talents that can blossom and become full on businesses, or at least as a side hustle. This is becoming evident with the increase in different markets “popping-up” around town with a great variety of crafts and other artistic creations from local citizens. They’ve got the time and ambition to put this together so we should go out and support these local markets.



This week alone you can find the Virtual Craft Marketplace, Saturday Maker Markets, the West End Studio Tour, a Fundraiser market in the park in Stittsville, the Roots and Boots Original Navan Market, and a Parking Lot Pop-Up. These are in all ends of town, so you should get out and enjoy some of these markets and help support local artisans!



Bits and Bytes

This is the fun section of my post that talks about random stuff that I’ve thought of over the past week, or things that I’ve found that are entertaining to pass on. Nothing is specific to Ottawa, but some things may be!

Grammar Police

As a blogger, and an event reviewer, I do a lot of writing. I have never really considered myself to be an amazing writer; to be totally honest, I think I’m just slightly above average. However, I do give my self credit for being able to make correct grammatical decisions, for the most part anyway. However, in those times when I send out a tweet, or write something in my newsletter that is incorrect (which happens often as it’s sometimes very late at night or early in the morning when I’m writing), people are quick to jump all over me and point out the indiscretion. And that is fine! People have their pet peeves, and without doing a full study, I think that grammar pet peeves outweigh most others, except maybe driving.

Many years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a blog by Allie Brosh called Hyperbole and a Half. In this particular post, she discusses different grammatical pet peeves and then directs her attention to her own, the use of the word(s) “alot” (my auto correct wouldn’t even let me type that at first). Although I don’t share this disgust for the use of that word as Brosh does, I still agree that it sounds terrible. The blog is very funny though as she discusses her coping mechanism when she sees this word. I strongly encourage you to have a read as it’s very entertaining.



“The Alot is Better Than You at Everything”

My personal grammatical pet peeves are the misuse of “Their, They’re and There”, but really, it doesn’t bother me as much as it would others I assume. I save my anger for driving. 😊

Dune 2020

Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a bit of a sci-fi nerd, but only a little bit. When I was young, I read Frank Herbert’s Dune book and I fell in love. This book was truly a masterpiece, and I loved every second of it! It’s not just a sci-fi book/movie about giant sand worms on a far-off planet, it’s a deep story with strong political undertones. I ended up reading all of the books in the Dune series (some were written by Frank’s son after his death). I watched the sad movie version of the book that was released in 1984, and I watched the mini series, which was only slightly better. In 2010, it was announced that Dune, the movie was being remade, however it failed to come to fruition twice! Now, a full decade later, it’s out! AND….the official trailer was released last week!! I’m so excited!! The only question now is IMAX or not?


That’s all for this week folks. Let’s keep working towards improving our numbers for COVID-19 in Ottawa. We need to get this under control.

Stay safe and be good to each other!

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