Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: The Kid’s Got Talent Edition

Good morning! Welcome to a new week of June. It was a pretty great weekend that just passed by in a heartbeat, but we’re into another nice looking week ahead. I noticed the lines at the garden centres are finally dwindling, so I guess everyone has their gardening out of the way so I can start mine. 😊 Let’s dive right in…

Reality TV

So let’s start off this post with the mind numbing content. My guilty pleasure of 90 day fiancé had part one of their tell-all last night, and as to be expected, it was pretty funny. It’s hard to script this stuff….edit sure, but scripting must be somewhat natural. I just can’t imagine the life of a reality TV star. Part 2 of the Tell-All, along with the new season start tonight…eeeeee! America’s Got Talent had its second week of auditions last week, and although not as shocking as the first week, there were some great, and terrible acts! Although there was a golden buzzer, my video pick of the week is this:


So where do we stand with out three major sports leagues?

NHL: We will be returning directly to playoffs with 24 top teams, 12 from each conference. They will all be best-of-7 series to determine who moves on. The games will be held in selected arenas, but they aren’t confirmed yet. The date to resume play is also not confirmed, but teams are starting to re-open their rinks for workouts and practice.

Eastern Conference Matchups (Qualifying Round)

Western Conference Matchups (Qualifying Round)

NBA: There is a tentative start date to resume the season on July 31st. The NBA board of governors approved that date last week. There will be only one stadium that will be used for game, and that will be at Walt Disney World in Florida. Only 22 teams will play for the remainder of the season. Details must be negotiated between the league and the players association so stay tuned. Press Release.

MLB: Baseball is still a mess. The players association and the league seem to be pretty far apart on coming to an agreement for the season to resume, specifically is how much the players get paid, and how many games will be in the season. However, the draft is still being held this week on June 10th and 11th. So at least we can find out what players teams will pick up, to NOT play. (I know, I know…drafted players don’t hit the field in the year they’re drafted anyway)



Mental Health Coping – Let’s have a drink!

So it’s no secret that people have been turning to their favourite drink to either get them through a stressful time, or because there isn’t much else to do. A friend of mine, who manages a large grocery store has told me that beer sales are up 140% over last year, and judging by the line-ups that I see at the LCBOs and Beer Stores, I assume that trend is holding across the board. I bottle my own wine and cider usually and was able to get into my usual place, The Wine Station, (which is amazing by the way if you’re looking to bottle your own. Jason is fantastic, and never forgets a face) to get a batch of each on. Normally, there is a 4-week waiting period for it to be ready for botting, but it’s currently at 6 weeks due to back-log. The demand for booze is just really high right now. I for one enjoy a cold beer after mowing the lawn, a glass of wine at night watching my reality TV, or a scotch around the fire so there’s no judgment coming from me!

Viral Video of the Week

Here’s a fantastic video that was kicking around last week. I chose this as I’ve got a big bird feeder out back that I can’t find a place for without the squirrels destroying it. I’ve since given up, but this video goes to show you just how resilient squirrels can be. I think this is really funny, and I suggest watching it to the end. This guy has WAY too much free time though. Who needs American Ninja Warrior when you’ve got this?


This Kid’s Got Talent

I’m starting a new feature this week. For those of you long-time readers, you will remember that I write many reviews for local theatre (remember when we had local theatre?). One of my favourite performers, who I’ve seen in Falsettos and Matilda, (both by Orpheus) has apparently been missing the arts scene and needed to make up for it. Cooper Dunn is a fantastic performer, and you can read those full reviews by clicking the previous links. However, with no theatre available for him to focus his artistic abilities on, he’s turned to another form of art, chalk drawings.



For his neighbour, who recently turned 80 years old, Cooper created a birthday surprise by decorating her driveway in celebration of her impressive milestone. From there, he has engaged in weekly competitions against his dad where they each create a chalk-art masterpiece and the neighbours vote on them with pine cones being added to a bin. Some weeks have seen over 150 votes, and Cooper has won every week! They live in Queensway Terrace South and look to keep up this creative solution to combating the monotony of physical distancing and isolation. What a fantastic creative outlet for a truly talented boy.



Cooper really is a genius in all forms of art. As you’ve seen from my reviews, he’s a great singer, dancer and performer, and now apparently is a quadruple threat as a chalk artist as well. Great job Cooper, and I look forward to seeing you in Hairspray once the season starts up again.



As mentioned, this is a new section to the Newsletter, and I’m looking to keep it going! With virtual school finishing up in a couple weeks, and summer camps pretty much out of service, your kids are going to get bored (if they’re not already). So, send me some of their artistic work whether it be musical performances, fantastic art, or other crazy or unique talents. I will feature one submission each week in this newsletter. You can email them to me at [email protected]

I look forward to receiving some great submissions!

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Have a fantastic week everyone! Stay positive, and don’t forget your physical distancing, we’re not out of this yet. Cheers!

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  1. Excellent newsletter I hope the “kids got talent” segment takes off. Really innovative.

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