Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: May Flowers Edition

Good morning! I hope you all had an excellent weekend. We had some signs of spring/summer particularly on Saturday, so that was a nice break. We’re into week #7 of the physical distancing and looks like we still have a lot ahead of us, but there are signs of positivity all around us with some provinces opening back up, and plans being put in place for others. We will all learn about Ontario’s plan to re-open today at 1:30pm. There’s a lot to be said for that, and a lot of different and often conflicting opinions too, but I won’t go there on this post. If you’re really into getting frustrated with society, just go read through the comments on posts on social media or various media new stories. I think we all just want the same thing; for life to get back to normal with as little risk as possible.

COVID-19 Rules

As the biggest global event/news story in as long as I can remember, every media source has cashed in on reporting as much information as possible for anything related to this pandemic. There is information available on absolutely anything you can imagine so it’s a bit of information overload. Well, finally all the rules have been clarified by Tara McCrory. I suggest you give this video a watch (and have a chuckle):

Festival Updates

This is the week that we all learn of the future of this year’s Bluesfest. On May 1st, they plan to release an announcement about whether or not the festival will happen. Much of it will be out of festival management’s control, but we’ll see how it goes, I guess. I’ll make sure to have the announcement on my site as soon as I can. Last week, I mentioned that Escapade has been re-schedule for September, and that there were going to be some changes, but nothing major, to the festival. As advertised, things stayed pretty much the same, but I notice that Steve Aoki is on the poster! I either missed that before, or it’s new!! Here’s the revised poster with the new date:



Last weekend was supposed to be the Sparks Street Poutine Festival. This weekend was supposed to be the Ottawa Poutine Festival at City Hall. I am sad to miss out on those amazing food festivals, and I was hoping on getting another gig as a celebrity judge this weekend too. I learned my lesson from the first time though, a normal human cannot eat 18 different poutines in their entirety!! But they’re so delicious! I’ve been a celebrity judge at two food festivals, and I’m 2 for 2 on choosing the overall winner! Maybe I’ve missed my calling.




So, nothing official yet from the NHL, but there have been plenty of rumors circulating about the return of the boys of summer (on ice). NHL All-Star Veteran, John Scott, tweeted this last week:



So does he know?? Hopefully he does! Let’s wait for the league to announce something though.

Tiger King

At this point, you’re probably tired of all the new and memes of Tiger King right?? Not yet?? Great! I was on Netflix and saw “new episode” on Tiger King. Obviously, we watched it and it was a follow up with some of the cast asking them how life has changed since the documentary first aired, and how they really feel about some of the topics on the show, specifically Joe Exotic. It’s pretty funny, eye opening, and even tragic.  We learn all kinds of useless, yet entertaining information such as why does John Finlay never wear a shirt, and how did that tattoo cover-up really go! I suggest you give it a watch if you haven’t seen it yet. I think the world can only take so much of Joe Exotic though, and fortunately, he’s not in this new episode other than a few photos. I’m sure his time in prison is going well, and that we’ll hear from him again soon, particularly when his case hits appeals court. I suspect there is an army of lawyers looking to pro-bono his case for some personal fame, is Robert Kardashian available?



Virtual Events

The quantity of virtual events is increasing each week. I have almost completely flipped my events calendar over to virtual events only, but if you haven’t seen it yet, there is a way to look at ONLY virtual events. I’ve shared a link at the top of the calendar, or you can click here to see only these events.

We need to stay strong together and keep doing anything we can to stop the spread so let’s continue to hunker down and wait this out. If we can avoid the “second wave” that is being discussed, we can be back to normal life in no time!

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