Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: March 30th Edition

It’s week #3 of social distancing in Ottawa… anyone bored yet? It’s better to be a bit bored than suffering from the COVID-19 virus, so hang in there and we’ll keep fighting it! The weekend for me was fantastic! I spent several hours outside on Saturday around the yard replacing burnt out bulbs, doing some painting, and finally having a nice fire in the backyard. It was a great day. Then with all the rain on Sunday, it was definitely an indoor kind of day, so we hunkered down and watched Tiger King!



If you have not seen Tiger King yet, you’re missing out. Not just on the show, but on all of the hilarious memes and jokes riding the popularity wave through social media. This show, if you not one of the 90 million people who have watched it, is beyond ridiculous! It’s taken Trailer Park Boys to a whole new level in its portrayal of USA stupidity and crazy. I don’t want to talk about what happens too much, as you really just have to see it to believe it. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the next episode starts and there’s more! This show ranked #1 in Canada last week on Netflix, and I have no doubt it’ll be there again this week.



Still on the tv kick… anyone watch The Masked Singer last week? My wife nailed her guess two weeks ago, and I still have no idea who it is lol. No spoilers here, but with 2 of the five judges also getting it right, I’m guessing it was fairly obvious to those who know that industry. I’m so bad at guessing the singers on the show, but I’ve got a sick and twisted fascination with watching it!

Online Events:

The event and business worlds are starting to adapt to all of the social distancing changes, with many making their services available online. I’ve added some new ones to my events calendar this week, including the next two weeks of online Brew Donkey Tours! They’re running their tours through Instagram live now, so you can go visit local breweries from the comfort of your home! The times and locations can be found on my events calendar, and although the events are free, paying $20 is recommended to help support local businesses and charities. I’d recommend planning ahead and ordering the appropriate beer from each brewery for home delivery to really get the full experience!



For you foodies out there, “Love Local Delivery” kicked off last week. This is more than just a food delivery service; they represent some AMAZING local restaurants with world class chefs preparing your meals. Straight from the press release:

“Extraordinary circumstances bring out extraordinary responses, and our caring community is no exception. Local eateries have teamed up with local chauffeur service Responsible Choice to launch “Love Local Delivery” a food delivery service responding to the Ottawa Public Health “Stay at Home” guidelines in an effort to contain COVID-19.”

“Offerings from these chef-run neighbourhood gems range from ready-to-eat dinners for 1 to 6 people, heat and serve prepared meals for your oven or freezer, and meal kits with instructions to finish or prepare at home. These restaurants also offer curbside pick-up.”

The cost is only $5 per delivery and you must live within a 5km radius of the restaurant (so that your food stays warm). Full details and a complete list of these fantastic restaurants can be found here: Or the order portal here:

Small Business

If you’re running a small business and are having difficulties (understandably), there are some great resources out there to meet with fellow like-minded entrepreneurs. If you haven’t signed up for yet, you absolutely should. This isn’t just for businesses, it covers pretty much everything that an individual can be interested in, and it’s a great networking resource. Some great events this week include:

You can also check out the LinkedIn page of Connect Ottawa Business People for more opportunities. After all, you’ve likely got some time now, so work towards the future and prepare for when things are back to normal!



Here’s a random happy photo that I wanted to share. This is a sign of good things to come! It was taken at Foodland in Greely at 2:30pm on Sunday. Maybe hoarding is a thing of the past?

Have a great week everyone, stay safe and let’s beat this thing together…..we’ve got Poutine Festivals in the near future! Don’t forget that even if you have to go out, you still need to remember social distancing!! Even the Beatles did it on Abbey Road!


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