Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: March 23rd, 2020

Here we are in week #2 of social distancing in Ottawa. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about this in every media source, and tired of getting emails from everything you’ve ever signed up for. Well, I’m going to give you one more. That just means that this is serious…so please take this seriously.

I’ve been out a few times this week to get some essentials for the household. I’m rather shocked by the number of people that are still out and about, but at the same time, I was too so it’s hard to blame people without being a hypocrite.

What is there to do:

Events this week are obviously cancelled. There are a few on-line viewing parties or activities that I’ve added to the calendar, and I’ll continue doing so as I hear about them, so if you’re tired of Netflix and video games already, there are some alternatives, they’re just not as easy to find. With that being said, I’ve had some great ideas come my way this week:


Although, I mention these things, while finalizing this post, I’m sitting here partaking one of my two guilty pleasures and watching 90 day fiancé. Anyone else watch this trash?? I love it!! Haha…. Then on Wednesday night, we’ll find out the next Masked Singer loser. I think it’s the group C championship!




For sports this week, I hope you all caught the incredible and highly competitive race from last week. If you missed it, I encourage you to watch it as if it’s live Here:

Small Businesses

Something else that we need to be considerate of is that small businesses are hurting….big time!! Despite the Government’s promise to throw money at all of us who are affected to help to offset losses, we need to step up as well! For those of us who can, let’s support small businesses in any way. Although restaurants and bars are closed, take out and delivery is still an option. Buying gift cards online for these small businesses is also something to consider; let’s try to keep the economy going where we can.

My Costco Experience


I had to go out and get some food and supplies this week as we were getting very low. I decided to go to Costco in Barrhaven. It was the absolute greatest Costco experience of my life. I arrived and was almost scared off by the line out front, but I realized that the parking lot was only about half full, so I parked and retrieved my freshly sanitized shopping cart and joined the back of the line. People were separated by piles of skids to assist (read: force) social distancing, and the staff at the front door were only letting people in every 10 seconds or so. The line moved along with no more than a five-minute wait. Once inside, it was a dream! There was no chaos, people were not running around bumping into each other, I was not once cut off by some ignorant $h!t, and everything I wanted was available in stock, including toilet paper (which was being guarded/rationed by a staff member). The process for leaving the store was even better. The single lineup for all of the cashiers was set up using barricades, with staff members directing traffic. There were lines marked on the floor to continue to enforce social distancing guidelines, and only every second cashier was open. It was fantastic. I just missed the free samples. ☹


We need to remember that everyone is in this together; there’s a lot of stress for everyone, so let’s just try to be kind to each other and work through this together. To finish this week’s newsletter, let’s look at some positive aspects of life these days:

  • The price of gas!! 66.9 cents per litre on Sunday.

  • The environment is taking a deep breath right now. Global pollution is insanely low.

  • We’re finally getting a chance to get to those terrible but necessary tasks we all have.

  • Our pets love that we have more time for them.

  • Quality time with family/kids/spouses/parents.

  • As humans, we’re discovering the things that are truly important in our lives.

Life will go on after this is all over, and we’ll get back to events around town in no time. Let’s weather this storm for a month, and hopefully if enough people take this seriously, we’ll be out and about in time for the summer.

Take care, practice social distancing, and stay healthy!


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  1. Thank you for your lovely post. It gave some very good information and ideas. Nice way to start the week.

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