Ottawa Event Announcement: The Canadian Showtime Chorus Holiday Gala!

The Canadian Showtime Chorus is at it again and has planned an incredible event raising money to support their group’s endeavors! This affordable event looks fantastic, and tickets are still available!

The details are available on their website:

Mark your calendar for December 1 at 6:30pm!  Delight in a festive evening, with a featured performance by Canadian Showtime Chorus, under the direction of Joe Connelly.

Enjoy casino games, draw prizes and a live auction. Light refreshments served. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverage. Cash bar (ID required).

Round out the evening with music from the 60s through 80s at a video dance party with DJ Momentum.

Advertising options available: [email protected]

Tickets via Eventbrite:

2 thoughts on “Ottawa Event Announcement: The Canadian Showtime Chorus Holiday Gala!

  1. Hey you assholes, call it what it is and not what it ISN’T !!!! It’s called Christmas !!! Not Holiday. Can you shitards pronounce that ?? Of course not, you’re from Ottawa and that explains everything. Losers !

    1. Hi Herry, thank you for your intelligent and well thought out contribution to the blog. Please note that I use the event name that is provided by the organizers and can’t change it. I appreciate your valued feedback, and thanks for reading! Merry Christmas to you as well. I hope your day and your life only get better, they certainly can’t get worse. COG

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