Covert Ottawa Weekly Newsletter: Ottawa Events October 28th – November 3rd

Ottawa Events

Happy Halloween!! There were a ton of parties last weekend, and that just keeps going all week right though to Sunday the 2nd. My Halloween post is a live document and gets updated regularly with everything going on in Ottawa for Halloween. You can find it by clicking here!

As for the other events this week, let’s take a look!

It’s a slower week this week for sports. No hockey is to be found, but the Redblacks are in town playing host to the Montreal Alouettes on Friday night at TD Place. Saturday, you can find  The GNC Allmax CPA Ottawa Championships at Algonquin Commons Theatre.

Theatre is once again the hot topic this week. BANG BANG continues with week two and runs daily until November 10th at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. At the Gladstone this week, you’ll be able to take in the latest Bear and Co. production of Lightfoot in Song. What a great show this is, any true Lightfoot fan needs to check this out (see announcements below). Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton also continues with its second week and will run until November 9th.

Another fun weekend of concerts ahead! GOOD2GO kicks off the weekend with a show on Friday night at Irene’s. Get there early, as it’s sure to sell out! On Saturday, Mavericks is hosting Crazy Town with special guests Allana Sterling, Creep Squad and Project Mantra. Remember “Butterfly” from Crazy town?? A classic!! On Sunday, you will find Matt Mays playing at the NAC, and the best of Steely Dan is at Queen Street Fare.

A full list of this week’s events can be found here!!

Where will I be?

There are just too many things I want to take in this week. I really haven’t decided where I’ll be just yet. I want to head over to the Bohemian Rhapsody Sing-a-Long on Friday night, and the Tea and Chocolate Festival this weekend looks incredible!! Sunday I’ll be heading to the Sports Card and Comic show for a little visit for sure!


My annual Halloween Party and activity list has been posted!! If you’re wondering what to do this Halloween and the days leading up to it, I have a full list of everything going on in Ottawa! If I’ve missed your event, and you’d like it added, just fire me off a message and I’ll get it added. You can check out the whole list by clicking here!

The Bohemian Rhapsody Fundraising Sing-A-Long  is taking place on Friday night. This unique and exciting performance is put together by the Canadian Showtime Chorus. Check out my announcement post for full details!

On Saturday and Sunday The Tea and Chocolate Festival is at the Nepean Sportsplex! Who knew there’d be so many activities devoted to these two wonderfully paired delights?? For full details, check out my post!

Last week, I attended the Lightfoot in Song event at the Gladstone. This was a fantastic show and definitely recommended for any Lightfoot fan. Check out my review here!

You’re now just about out of time for the early bird ticket draw being held for the BEST New Year Eve Party in Ottawa!!! The Ottawa New Years Eve Charity Ball is holding a contest right now!! First, you will be lucky enough to get an amazing deal at only $179 a ticket and if you act fast, you’ll be entered into the Early Bird Package draw. This includes VIP seating upgrade for two, a free tuxedo rental from Moores, a $200 gift certificate for Melanie Lyne, a limousine ride for two to the ball, 1-night stay at the courtyard hotel with breakfast, and an executive car ride home the day after!! What an amazing prize!!! You must buy early bird tickets to enter! Oh….and even if you don’t win, you just saved a ton of money and you get to attend the best party in town!!

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