Event Review: God is a Scottish Drag Queen – Ottawa Fringe Festival

What if God was one of us? A stranger on the bus? Meh, we’ve all heard that. But what if… what if God was a six-foot-something, barefoot, voluptuous drag queen rocking a mauve 1980s power suit? With shoulder pads, of course! What if God was a Scottish drag Queen? No way, you say? Yeah – Way!

My first meeting with God didn’t go quite as I expected. For starters, I didn’t expect God to speak with a Scottish brogue; to be so funny, or, frankly, to have such defined calves. Also, it turns out, the Almighty is not much into cats. She is really into monkeys, though. But God the Scottish drag queen was generous with her wisdom. In God’s short time with us, she answered so many of life’s big questions. Is Heaven real? How did Noah fill his ark? What really happened with Adam in the Garden of Eden? Boxers or briefs? What does God think about the Sistine chapel? Does God have a theme song? What’s the deal with redheads? With Scientologists? And, seriously, does Ottawa have too many festivals? So much to ponder! But you won’t find any spoilers here. To find out the answers to these age old questions you’re just going to have to go see God, the opinionated Scottish drag queen yourself.

Mike Delamont’s one hour critically acclaimed show was expertly crafted and sinfully good. Hilarious and sometimes serious, God is a Scottish Drag Queen was, no doubt, a highlight of the 2019 Fringe Festival lineup.

And a shout out to the electric Ottawa Fringe audience! What a pleasure to watch a great show with such an enthusiastic, engaged audience! I’ll meet God at the Ottawa Fringe Fest any day with you!

If you’ve ever wondered what God thinks about Christian Rock, and even if you haven’t, get off your knees and drag your buns down to the theater to be enlightened. You won’t regret it. God is a Scottish Drag Queen will be playing as a part of Ottawa Fringe Festival until June 23rd. The final show is on Saturday, June 22nd at 8:30pm at Arts Court. You can see the full Fringe Festival schedule by clicking here!

Official write up:

The most popular one man show on the fringe circuit finally comes to Ottawa! 20 time ‘Best Of The Fest’ winner! 5 STARS “A cross between Dame Edna & Billy Connolly with a dollop of Eddie Izzard!” Times Colonist. 5 STARS “It would be a sin to miss this show!” Winnipeg Free Press. God comes down, in a mauve power suit, to skewer everything from Adam to Sky Diving in an unforgettable night of comedy!

Photo: Amanda Logan

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