Ottawa’s Newest Activity: ESCAPE ROAD

If you’re a fan of escape rooms and/or treasure hunts, check out this new activity that requires players to venture around a selected part of the city to collect clues and work their way out of a major problem. All the details about how it works can be found on their website!

This is the first of several planned events, and each one you do earns you rank and experience over other players so don’t miss them!! Military experience not required.


Fund Raiser in


 support of

Hospice Care Ottawa

June 8th and 9th, 2019

Will you survive?

Regardless of any escape room experience or military training you may have, you have been chosen to do something very dangerous, exciting and challenging.

You must escape the CITY to SAVE HUMANITY.

You are allowed to bring other trusted friends with you on this very dangerous mission. Choose wisely.

If you are up to the challenge, continue reading; General Chaos……

Due to many years of neglect, earth can no longer sustain us and our politicians and scientists have let us down. It is too late for them to make a difference now.

Global warming and the overuse of antibiotics has created a super bug that is spreading with great speed and devastation. Almost all humans have gone rogue.

You have been chosen by what is left of the military to lead the effort. You will start out at the rank of Private for your first mission.

 Fortunately, years ago, the government built secret bunkers at various sites across Canada. These bunkers contain a possible antidote.

To get to the nearest bunker, you will be given a Top Secret plan. Follow it carefully.

It’s all up to YOU!

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