Covert Ottawa Weekly Update: Ottawa Events Feb 4th-10th

My post is a little late this week, but I guess if you’re reading this anytime other than Monday morning it doesn’t matter much. Haha I have a reasonably good excuse though. Last Thursday night I fell on some ice and broke my leg. So, I’m hobbling around with crutches in a big old cast waiting for a surgery date. FUN!!! That to say that my “where will I be” section that’s normally in my newsletter won’t be overly populated for some time. I even missed out on Poutine Beavertails. However, La Poutine Week continues until Thursday! If anyone wants to delivery some to me, I live in Greely. ?

It’s another strong week on the theatre side this week with many different options around town. The Gladstone continues week two of their double bill with “Weird: The Witches of Macbeth” followed by “#faustus” playing Tuesday – Saturday. The Wedding Party continues at the NAC for its final week, you can catch the ASNY production of Beauty and the Beast at Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe, and Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre finishes their two-weekend run of “The Mousetrap.”

As for sports, well….Tom Brady eh? Who would have guessed?? Oh wait…EVERYONE! I don’t hate him like many people, but it’s just a little boring watching them win or at least show up I the Super Bowl every single year. Anyway, football is now over for a while, and we can go back to our last place Sens. They have two home games this week, the first on Thursday night against the Anaheim Ducks, and the second on Saturday against the visiting Winnipeg Jets.

There’s some great live entertainment this week in Ottawa. The big show of the week is the WWE Live event in town on Friday at the Canadian Tire Centre. No major (non-winterlude) concerts this week to talk about, but there are still some great shows to pass along. Alanna Stirling is playing Wednesday at the new Queen Street Fare, or on the same night, you can catch Terra Lightfoot at the Algonquin Commons Theatre. Also, the one and only White Cowboy Oklahoma are playing at Mavericks on Friday night!! If you’re a fan of Deep Purple, ZZ Top or Frank Zappa, you definitely need to check these guys out!! Finally, Babylon presents DJ Jazzy Jeff live on Friday night.

Like I said, the concert listing didn’t include Winterlude. Winterlude is happening in a big way this week!! The Ice Dragon Boat races are back this year on Friday and Saturday. The weather is looking better for them this year than their first year (see my hilarious video here) when the ice was a little slushy to say the least. There are even more activities happening around that festival than ever before. You’ll have to check out their website for a full listing but the concerts include Bedouin Soundclash on Friday night and Dear Rouge on Saturday night. Icecade on Sparks street continues all weekend, and my absolute favourite, the Byward Market Stew Cookoff is happening Friday at Lunch. I have been to this cook-off many times and it’s crowded, but so worth it!! The stews are incredible!! You must take time off around lunch and you’re your way to the market but arrive early as the lines start around 10:30am. Another great event taking place around Winterlude is the Bank Street Fire and Ice Festival. You really need to have a look and take in this popular event!

Have a look at my weekly calendar for all of this week’s events:

A full list of this week’s events can be found here!!

Where will I be?

Looks like I’m not leaving the couch this week. Any Netflix suggestions?


Last week, I was invited out to the Gladstone Theatre to see Weird: The Witches of Macbeth and #Faustus. You can read my review of both shows by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Covert Ottawa Weekly Update: Ottawa Events Feb 4th-10th

  1. sorry to hear about your fall!
    I’m wondering if you were going to review the Faces event that was at the end of January? I have a few friends that attended and they were disappointed. Not as nicely decorated, disorganized, and the night was so long for standing. they even left early before their categories as it was just too long. Would like to know your impression in comparison to previous years. Have the organizers made it too big, too many categories?!

    1. Hey Chris, I wasn’t planning on doing a full review on the event. My overall impression though was that it was pretty standard as far as that event goes. I’ve been to three of them now. I did notice that it wasn’t as busy as last year, which to me was a bonus. I was a little frustrated about how full the area was last year, but this year, it was easier to move around. The awards are the main part of the gala, and therefore should take up a lot of time. I believe the categories were about as numerous as previous years, but the way they called them out seemed to drag on a little. I definitely agree with that. In previous years, there was more “mingling” then awards, then “mingling” again. This year, like last year, I found that it was difficult to find out who won what. If you missed the category, there was no main area you can go to find out who won. I actually missed my category so I had to wait until after the event to find out if I won or not (I did not).

      The night itself, with regards to layout/decoration…etc, was pretty standard as far as the party goes. The registration at the front was a little lacking when I arrived, but overall, it was the same as last year from what I can tell. I enjoy the event, it’s kind of a fun reason to dress up and get out for a nice night. I go there with reasonably low expectations, and just hope for a fun and social night. It’s great for networking and meeting some new people. Tickets are quite reasonably priced too so I feel as though the overall value for the party is quite good.

      Thanks for your question, and sorry for no full review, I just didn’t feel as though it was much different from the review I did last year. Hopefully next year I’ll get a new one up.

      Thanks for the kind words about my fall…I feel pretty useless hobbling around on crutches and even a wheelchair!! Ugh. haha



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