Weekly Newsletter: Ottawa Events July 23rd – 29th

We’re starting up the final week of July, which seems to be a bit of a break from the major festivals, but the smaller events are taking centre stage this week. Algonquin Commons Theatre is boasting two really interesting shows this week with David Cross on Thursday, and Trixie Mattel on Saturday. Also, there are still some music festivals this week: The Greely Legion is hosting their annual Country Music Festival from Thursday – Saturday, and Soul City Music Festival runs Saturday at Laroche Park.

A highlight of every summer, that I forgot to mention last week, is the annual “Northern Lights” or Sound and Light show at Parliament Hill. That is now running each night until September 3rd with the show starting at 10pm for the month of July (9:30 for August, 9:00 for September). If there are cancellations due to weather, they’ll be announced through their social media feeds.

My top three events of the week:


  • With a slower major event week, I’ll have some time to upload a few videos of various concerts from different festivals that I’ve taken over the past few weeks. This will be the start of a more active YouTube channel, so please subscribe to see different posts of local events!

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The following information is a brief summary only, and you can get full details by clicking the event link taking you to the event calendar. My event calendar gets updated almost daily so stay up to date with the most current information on the site.

Monday July 23rd, 2018






Tuesday July 24th, 2018



Wednesday July 25th, 2018









Thursday July 26th, 2018











Friday July 27th, 2018













Saturday July 28th 2018





















Sunday July 29th 2018














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