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The next establishment in my Hidden Ottawa series is World Burger, located at 1651 Merivale Road in Nepean. Now, Ottawa has no shortage of burger places, and very few stand apart from the rest. But one that definitely does is this restaurant. I’d like to preface the rest of this write up by saying that the burgers may not look pretty, but what they lack in appearance, they make up for in taste!!


What makes World Burger different is their TAKE on the classic burger. You won’t find any dull, run of the mill burgers here. Their signature burgers include the Ottawa Burger, which combines sautéed mushrooms and onions, candied bacon, cheddar cheese, and sweet maple mayo, the Montreal Burger, with mustard horseradish mayo, crispy onion ring, swiss cheese, and Montreal smoked meat, and the Louisiana Burger, combining pulled port, chipotle mayo, tangy coleslaw, and swiss cheese. These are just a few of the burgers that they have to offer. From the Paris Burger to the Memphis Burger to the Mexican Burger, there is something for every palette. They also do a similar theme with their poutines, featuring London Poutine, Texas Poutine, and Greek Poutine, to name a few. They don’t stop there, though! They’ve got onion rings, sweet potato fries, traditional fries, hot dogs, and a number of children’s meal options.


One thing that I LOVE about this place is that they really cater to everyone. Burgers are totally customizable, and you can add or subtract whatever you like from your selection. They also offer gluten free options, with a gluten free veggie patty and bun available. I have tried the Jump Burger, with a beef patty and a regular bun, as well as the Mexican Burger, with a veggie patty and a gluten free bun, and both were phenomenal. It’s hard to describe the incredible flavours in each of these burgers. They are perfectly combined to create a harmony of flavour in your mouth. Even their classic hamburger and cheeseburger are incredible!


This place isn’t inexpensive, but I do believe that sometimes, you just have to pay more to get amazing quality food. Also, the portions are massive. A meal for two there costs approximately $30-$40, depending on what you order. That being said, I feel as though splitting a burger and a side there between two people could actually be a pretty satisfying meal!


If you haven’t visited this restaurant in Nepean, I highly recommend it! You can also check them out on social media:

Instagram: @yourworldburger

Twitter: @yourworldburger

Facebook: World Burger

*This review was not sponsored. All opinions are unbiased and my own.*

World Burger











  • Quick Service
  • Lots of Options
  • Quality Ingredients


  • Lack of Seating

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