Cozmos Souvlaki

Cozmos Souvlaki is located at 196 Greenbank, across from the Nepean Police Station. The storefront isn’t glamorous at all; it is the type of place that I think passerby might just miss altogether. It has a blue sign with white greek-style lettering, spelling out Cozmos, and is as simple as that. Don’t let this simple exterior fool you, though. What awaits you inside is pure Food Heaven.

This restaurant is fast-food style service, but with much better food, and a nice seating area to enjoy your meal. When you walk in, what you first see may be a bit overwhelming; it certainly was for me. The lineup runs quickly, and the staff are like a well-oiled machine, often asking what you want while they are still putting the finishing touches on someone else’s meal. I highly suggest having a look at the menu before going in, and knowing what you want to order. The lineups moves very quickly there: I was once lined up outside the door, behind at the least ten other people, but had been served my food and was sitting down eating within ten minutes. You’ve gotta be prepared! The ordering process appears similar to a Subway restaurant, with a staff member at one end of the long table, taking your order and getting salads started, while calling out hot food orders to staff members working the grills and the fryers in the back. The lineup follows along the counter until you arrive at a cash register.

Cozmos is amongst the best greek restaurants that I have ever been to, and in terms of cost, it is ridiculously cheap. 2 people can eat very well for under $20.00. In fact, when I was there, 2 of us ate for $12.00. The platters run a bit higher in price, but I usually order a-la-carte, and it is often only $5 or $6 for my meal. What would I suggest?


The greek salad, definitely, as well as the chicken pita, and the greek potatoes, 100%. The potatoes are actually cut like French fries, but are seasoned to perfection the same way that greek potatoes typically are. I usually order them with a side of tzatziki sauce. Another amazing option is the Greek poutine, which is a hearty serving of potatoes, loaded with tzatziki sauce and feta cheese. Incredible.


Whether you need a snack, a quick lunch, or a delicious, yet inexpensive dinner, Cozmos has what you’re looking for. Definitely check this place out! One of my top ‘hidden gems’ in the city!

Cosmos Souvlaki











  • Authentic Greek Food
  • Clean
  • Affordable


  • Limited seating
  • Limited Parking

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