Ottawa Event Review: Poutine Festival

PoutineFest- The Quick and ‘Curdy’ Highlights:


I attended Poutinefest on Saturday, and was lucky enough to be asked to sit as a ‘Celebrity’ judge on the panel to pick the best poutine! A festival dedicated to the wonder that is poutine is really enough to get me there, but throw in the opportunity to try each and every one of them? I was in heaven! This highlights review will serve to offer you the must know details of PoutineFest. This is one event in the city that I almost have to INSIST that people attend, as its such a great time!





The setup: the festival takes place at city hall, with vendor trucks organized in a semi-circle around the building. This allows patrons the perfect opportunity to walk along a defined path to see each truck and what it has to offer. The grounds themselves were immaculate, and very well maintained. Immediately on entering the festival, there was a climbing wall, a bouncy-castle type of structure, and trampolines, making this event VERY family friendly. Further in towards city hall, there was a craft beer area, where of age patrons could purchase a beverage to go with their poutine. In front of the beer vendors were dozens of tables, which were set up around a stage. The stage featured live performers, which created a great ambience for the entire event.






The craft beer: The festival featured 4 craft breweries: Broadhead, Clocktower, Dusty Boots, and 4 Degrees. Each offered a few different beer choices, and each vendor was happy to discuss pairing options and recommendations.




The POUTINE: now for the main event! The POUTINE!!!! I sampled 15 (yep, you read that right, 15) different poutines. I tried everything from Mexican to Shawarma to Pad Thai and everything in between! The judging panel (consisting of myself and 7 other ‘experts’) evaluated each poutine on presentation, gravy, and overall taste. My favourite? The ‘Dill With It’, which featured fresh cut fries with gravy, cheese curds, and a dusting of dill pickle seasoning. This masterpiece was created by Fresh Fry Co., and it WON the PoutineFest 2018 Best Poutine Award. You can find them on Instagram at @freshfrycompany.




All in all, Poutinefest is a really great, family friendly event, offering fun, amazing food, and a really great atmosphere. If you get the chance next year, definitely check it out! You won’t regret it!





All photos are once again courtesy of my semi-official photographer, Hilary Chaiton of Chaiton Photography who can be found at

You can find all the event photos by clicking here!





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